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Expanding her territory, Kawanna has decided to fully mix her vocals with her lyricism on the her new single "Fire". Produced by Skraps production, "Fire" is another bold sound for Kawanna as she makes it clear that she is on the scene. In this song, Kawanna says that she wanted to get a little personal with her audience about her journey as well as inspire people with a message. The song is gritty, upbeat with a message that is sure to be embraced by all. Check out her new single "Fire" available exclusively on her website and on SoundCloud. Click the purchase link above for more information.


Kawanna was recently asked to perform at the Who Am I? Youth event. Who Am I is a non profit organization that empowers young people who have been through trauma in their lives and encourages them to use the arts as a way of self expression and healing. During this performance, Kawanna showcased several original songs to uplift and encourage. She also gave snippet of her new single "Queen on the Premises". Because educating and inspiring youth is a big part of Kawanna's life, this event was a special treat and another way in which she was able to give back to the youth. this has been Kawanna's second year performing at this function and she hopes to partner with this organization again in the future.


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